Library Guide

Library Guide

The Okinawa City Library is open to the public.


■Open Hours
・Tuesday-Friday 9:30~20:00
・Saturday & Sunday 9:30~18:00

・4th Thursday (for book inspection)
※If Monday and the 4th Thursday fall on a Japanese holiday, the following day will also be closed.
・Japanese national holidays (except for “Culture Day” on November 3rd) and “Irei-no-hi” (Okinawa Memorial Day on June 23rd).
・End-of-the-year holidays (December 29th -January 3rd).
・Special inventory period

How to Make a Library Card

■You need to make a library card before you check out books.
■Please bring the following items on the list to the counter to make a library card.
■Please get a “Certificate of Employment” or “Certificate of Enrollment” form at the counter (or from the library website) and have them filled out at your work/school with their official stamp or signature. 
■You have to renew your library card before its expiration date. Bring the following items and fill out the form to renew your card.
■Please inform us if you lose your card or there are any changes to your address, name, or phone number.

◇Items Required to Sign Up for a Library Card
  Required Items Expiration
You live in Okinawa City. ① Proof of current address (insurance certificate, driver’s license, etc.) 3 Years
You work in Okinawa City.
※The office address must be in Okinawa City.
①Proof of current address (insurance certificate, driver’s license, etc.)
② Certificate of Employment
End of each fiscal year (end of March)
You go to school in Okinawa City. ①Proof of current address (insurance certificate, driver’s license, etc.)
③ Certificate of Enrollment
End of each fiscal year (end of March)
You live on Kadena Air Base
※Must be located in the Okinawa City area.
①Proof of current address (insurance certificate, driver’s license, ID, APO/FPO Box Address, proof of your sponsor’s workplace, etc.) End of each fiscal year (end of March)
You work on Kadena Air Base.
※Must be located in the Okinawa City area.
①Proof of current address (insurance certificate, driver’s license, etc.)
②Certificate of Employment
 (Use the form from the library or submit one issued by your work.)
End of each fiscal year (end of March)

 How to Check Out Library Materials 

■ Bring the materials and your library card to the counter.
■ You can also check out books from the Chiezo-kun bookmobile with your library card.
■  Checking out materials is free. However, if you lose or damage them, you will have to pay for the loss or damage.

Materials Number of Items You can Check Out Loan Period
(picture-story show)
10 You can rent up to 10 items in total 2 weeks
CDs 2
DVDs (VHS) 2
Big Picture Books
Big Kamishibai (picture-story show)

 How to Return Materials

■ Return materials at the counter.
■ You can also return them to the Chiezo-kun bookmobile.
■Return materials through the Return Post on days when the library is closed. However, CDs and DVDs cannot be returned through the Return Post.

Reservations/ Requests

■You can reserve materials that are checked out so you can check them out after they are returned. Fill out the reservation card at the counter. 
■You can reserve checked out materials using the library catalog kiosk or website (you will need a password to log in). 
■Please visit the counter to request materials we do not have. (Two requests per person.)
■When materials you have reserved/requested are ready, you can choose to have us notify you by phone call, missed call, email, or through the library website.
■Please note that we will hold the materials you reserved/requested for up to a week. If you fail to check them out during this period, your reservation/request will be cancelled.

Copying Services

■The copying service is limited to materials from the library only, and must be within the range permitted under the Copyright Act.
■You must fill out the application form at the counter.
■Copied materials must be used for personal purposes, such as for research and study.
■ Only one copy is permitted.
■Copying Fees
・Black and White: \10 per copy
・Color (B4/B5/A4): \50 per copy
・Color (A3): \80 per copy

Internet Services

■Free internet service is available on the library computer for up to 60 minutes per person. Printing, emailing and USBs are not allowed.
■To use the computer, sign in using your library card through the catalog kiosk (the sign-in system for computers/audiovisual booths/study rooms). (If you do not have your library card, please come to the counter to sign in.)

Reference Materials

■Please come to the counter if you need any help with reference materials.

Chiezo-kun Bookmobile

■Chiezo-kun is a bookmobile that goes around twenty-four stations once every two weeks.
■Books, magazines, CDs, DVDs can be checked out using your library card like you do at the library.
■Materials you check out at library can also be returned to the Chiezo-kun bookmobile.

Those With Physical Disabilities

■If you have difficulty visiting the library, please consult us about checking out materials.
■You can use a wheelchair to read materials. Wheelchairs are also available to use inside the library.
■If you have hearing problems, please let us know so we can communicate in writing.
■Please feel free to share your opinion or requests with us.

Privacy Protection

■Your privacy will be strictly protected. The content of books that you check out, search for, and consultations received will never be disclosed to others.
■Records will only be used to manage library materials. As soon as materials are returned, the record will be cancelled.